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It was our pleasure to work with lovely couples. And wonderful families, friends admired our efforts !!! Here are some of their kind words...


Dr Vidhi & Parth

"Glimpse captures the events like nobody else would!!! They capture the emotions and feelings !!! The team is very very hard-working and motivated with creative ideas. For my event, I remember end of the day , we were tired for the pictures but they would do their best to get the shot they want !! I appreciate all the hard work and talent and highly recommend the team!!!!!!"


Jaydeep & Pinal

"We hired Glimpse to do all our functions. Narendra and his team did not disappoint us. We wanted something different then the usual wedding videos. Seeming it's hard to find decent companies who can do cinematography. Narendra and team was one of the best options we had. We wanted someone who can just come in and to do their job. Glimpse had quite unique concepts including underwater shoots as well. Besides it was quite to fun to have them around. By the end of the event they became a part of the family. They captured all important moments for us for our big day. We highly recommend them and ask any one out there who want proper cinematography done to hire them."


Mitra & Mohit

"Nice Photography with excellent video effects. Really of my taste !!! I really wanted movie type video for my marriage and I ended my search with GLIMPSE !!! Narendra is having very technical knowledge about photography. Thank you for being part of our wedding. Hope for bright future ahead."     ~ Mitra Oza

"One of d best wedding photography I have ever seen. They have made our wedding like one we usually see in movies. Really admire their work. Best wishes for future assignments."      ~ Mohit Prajapati


Mihir & Ishita

"We hired GLIMPSE back in 2012 for my brother's marriage when their operation was mainly based in UK. We loved their work and since than we have been hiring them for all of our family functions. We found their team very hardworking, dedicated and passionated for their work. During wedding, they make us feel comfortable and at ease while shooting our photos and videos. The bridals photo shoot were done so well that it exceeded our expectations. Also they had great location ideas for pre-wedding photography. They captured each moments of all wedding functions perfectly and got every shot we could have ever imagined. We can look back and relive the day because they shot every little detail. Overall, we were very happy with their work and would defiantly recommend him for any type of functions."


Divyesh & Arpita

"A very professional wedding photographer and videographer. We got married in India and choose GLIMPSE to capture our events. I was really impressed with the initial contact and how clearly Narendra explained his approach to our big day and the events in between, and found the pre-wedding session really helpful in making us more at ease. On the day, the whole GLIMPSE team was wonderful, polite and we had many comments from guests about how well they merged into the background. Looking at our album, it was amazing how they managed to capture every moment. We were thrilled with the photos and videos and the quality of the album, and would recommend GLIMPSE at an instant. Great Work guys ! "

Shilpa Patel

Shilpa Nikhil Patel

"Thank you so so much for this wonderful work done by Glimpse! I have no words what to say about this clip and everything you done. It’s fantastic and very very touching. જેટલીવાર જોઉં છું એટલી વખત આંખો ભીની થઈ જાય છે. (whenever I see this film, my eyes get wet) Your hard works gave us smiles on our faces. You added all the perfect moments in the movie, so we can relive the whole wedding every time we watch it. It the most precious memory for us ."


Nikhil Patel

"Simply awesome !
This clip covers entire events with emotion and joy , few moments are very touching ! Very hard work , Excellent job. We wish Narendrabhai and entire Glimpse team to get all the success in their business !"




Ahsaan & Mausamine

"I have viewed and experienced many photographer teams, but this team was a very different experience. An amazing experience with the glimpse crew on my most memorable event of life. Excellent skill, presence of mind and excellent execution, very creative in every shot. Indeed I can say truly professional in work, conduct and demeanour.

The team covered all events with minute details, pre wedding photography ideas were amazing. Finally Narendra bhai, keep smiling.. Overall totally satisfied with the work and I highly recommend your services. A++++."

Jorge Perez

"Wooow amazing photography -video editing / filming, my hat goes off to the team in charge."

Sheikh Azhar

"Bro I've seen many wedding films but this was like as if I was watching a Hindi movie, excellent filming may need to get hold of the number myself."

Dimple Tailor 

"Aww mw...  did enjoy this...  loved watching Resh's husband beating bits haha!  You did a great job!  Thank you !"

Neeta Tailor 

"Totally amazing, fabulous, colourful - love it !!!! "


Krina Patel

"Wow, the photos look amazing!!! I can't wait to see them all, thanks for all of your hard work!!!  Excellent!!! We loved it too !!!"
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