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You may have some curious questions!

How do you work ???

Hmmm!!!! Our work style is quite different from general photographers who asked you to pose in every single ceremony. And what you get is, monotonous images of mandap, jai-maala Hasta-melap, typical portraits and many more….. 


As we understand, the wedding day is one of the most memorable moment, and everyone likes to cherish forever. We are not just photographer or cinematographer for your big day, but we visualise and capture all the emotions flowing throughout perfectly, which you never dream about. Our style is to flow with ceremonies without obstructing or directing. The GLIMPSE you get is - natural, creative, photogenic, cinematic and live-forever. Our aim is not only to create just an album or a film, but whenever you look at - feel unique and wonderful moments. We capture images of your family or friends while they are busy with ceremony or themselves.



What happen if...

It sounds funny but once your big day is finished, you may have such issues like…

  • Our pictures are less than groomside! (or visa-versa)

  • There is hardly any picture of my "Chachaji" who attended wedding all the way from Madagascar.

  • There are few clicks of some important family member. The definition of ‘important’ keeps changing person to person, or to whom you are showing the pictures. 

We deliver amazing results, but there are limitations for such photography tEkniQs. Apart from bride-groom and their family click, others can be random shots to freeze best moments, expressions. We assume that you and your family understand and appreciate our work style. Our team is experienced with all kinds of ceremonies. So we would not like to be directed – ‘shoot this, shoot that’. We won’t say no to anyone but it may impact on outcome.


As a prospective client, we want you to appreciate. It is not possible to get good candid pictures of each and every guest/family-member or friend who is attending your wedding. Our main focus during the ceremonies is bride-groom and 5 to 10 key people whom you will have us introduced. We do click a lot of other faces, which we do not know, that can be clicks of random guest around us. For us, they all look equal.

How to book you?

Email to us your wedding schedule (which means, exact dates, venue and start+end time of each function) and let us know all you requirements- (only candid pictures, or also cinematic film or also posed pictures or regular videography or photo book). The dates will be confirmed once deposit is received along with signed contract.


Event details form 


We would not like to be requested (before or after the event) for any extra (FREE) stuff out of contract. (Experience teaches us a lot...) We will definitely deliver you more than we promise ! Nothing is free for us as well.

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